“Cleanup Your Turf for Supplies”
Contest Winners

Thank you to all of the hard-working community groups who entered the Don’t Trash My Turf! First Annual “Cleanup Your Turf for Supplies” contest! Because of their dedication and commitment, our communities are cleaner, brighter and safer for everyone! The winners are:

Top Prize: The Penn Hills Community Development Corp. picked up the most bags of litter -135 bags - on October 20, in partnership with the municipality of Penn Hills.

Second Place: Keep Our Pups Safe picked up the most bags (buckets) of recyclables – 44 + buckets of glass- on Sept. 22, on Pittsburgh’s South Side.

Third Place: Paddle Without Pollution had the most volunteers – 71 kayakers & canoeists – on June 9 at their Three Rivers cleanup event.

Fourth Place: the St. Clair Hospital Green Team found the most unusual item – a 2 pt. buck carcass – on November 17.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered the contest – we appreciate the countless volunteer hours you spent making our neighborhoods, parks, roadways and business districts more livable for all of us. Because of your efforts, everyone is a winner!
Pennsylvania Resources Council Colcom Foundation

The DON’T TRASH MY TURF! campaign is a project of the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) and
and is made possible by a grant from the Colcom Foundation.

For more information call (412) 431-4534.
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