Using Tantric Breathing Techniques


Tantric breathing techniques are a fantastic element of tantric massage which is really at the whole core of the concept of this technique of tantra. Most of what this therapy revolves around is learning to control and to explore and discover oneself in a sexual way and so the whole breathing aspect is crucial to allowing both people to control themselves and make sure that the process will last fo a sufficient amount of time.

One of the reasons that many older guys get into tantric therapy and like the idea of it, is that the breathing techniques can help with many different aspects of one’s sex life, not limited to but including things like sexual dysfunction, loss of libido and last but not least the most common which is premature ejaculation

A qualified London tantric massage therapist can help to address these problems and breathing is one of the fundamental causes as well as psychological issues. Most people when involved in a sensual encounter can start to breath very shallowly and this can build u emotion very fast. By being aware of how you are breathing and then changing to breathing from the diaphragm then you will be able to get a handle on this, which in turn will help you to feel more comfortable in this situation

Once this technique is mastered it can change anyone from a poor performer into someone that is very competent in such situations and for many this can be a life changer and this is because to some people this sort of thing really is a big deal. There are some people that really do get a whole new lease of life purely just from learning a simple breathing technique and learning to be more aware of their own thoughts and feelings, which shows that tantra really can be a very powerful technique when taught by the right practitioner.


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A look at some popular massage therapies


As we have already discussed massage can be used for a whole heap of different ailments, but here we have listed some of the most widely used types

Swedish Massage

This is well known to be the most popular form of therapy in the US and can be a very effective way to deal with muscle knots, sprains and strains by working out the problem with the various kneading movements, circular motions and strokes


This is also one that has taken off and aromatherapy relies on the different essential oils that can give a different effect depending on what oil you choose. This might be energizing, stress reducing or even general balancing

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage as the name suggests is where hot stones are placed on different parts of the body with a low amount of pressure applied at the same time. This is said to be particularly effective for people with muscle tension problems in the body

Deep Tissue

Also as the name suggests this form of massage digs a bit deeper and targets layers of muscle that are contained deeper within the body. This can help those that have problems with issues like repetitive strain problems and also those that suffer with posture problems too

Thai Massage

Like many of the oriental types of massage therapy Thai massage comes highly recommended by many that have chosen this massage. It can be quite a energetic form of massage with plenty of twists and turns and manipulation of the body, although this can be otned down for older people that prefer something a lot lighter.

Sensual Massage

This is one that now that has caught on across the UK. A sensual tantric massage London can help to alleviate a heap of problems in both body and mind, from people that can no longer perform sexually to those that are suffering from stress


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How looking after the prostate can be beneficial


Not everyone is familiar with prostate massage, some more than others, but it has been very widely reported now as to the potential health benefits of having this form of therapy. Some folks that use this regularly would even say that this really can be a lifesaver

It has many potential advantages such as completely eliminating pain in this area, being good for the prostate gland through the milking process and also very good for getting a good night’s sleep. This is also not completely age dependent also, and so not only the older generation that may be suffering from problems. It can actually be beneficial to the younger generation as well as can help to protect against issues with the prostate such as enlargement and some even say prostate cancer.

Some people maybe slightly embarrassed about this type of therapy and this probably will hold a lot of people back from taking part in it. Although for those that do there are obvious benefits to a prostate massage London. There are various options for this, some would use a small tool to carry out the massage whereas other therapists would use a rubber glove and lube and so it will depend on where you get this therapy carried out.

To learn more about this type of therapy and where you can perhaps get it from it would be best to use the internet as a means of searching this out. There are things available from medical websites such as the NHS as well a those that carry out the therapy. Others maybe comfortable carrying this out themselves and therefore would just need to by the necessary instruments online. Whichever route one takes it can be a very worthwhile massage therapy to indulge in!


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Choosing your vocation as a masseuse

Young Man Enjoying Massage At Spa

There are a whole host of reasons that one may think it a good idea to get into the field of massage therapy and here we look at some of the pros and cons to taking a job as a masseuse

Universal – One of the great things about being a masseuse is that once you are trained and established you can quite easily take your trade and use it in any country in the world. This is a major benefit to a lot of people who might want to travel in the future which is becoming more common these days

Different techniques – Once you have trained in one form of massage which will take quite a long time. The different techniques are basically variations upon the same theme and therefore one can really get trained in many different techniques quite easily once at a certain level which will offer better job prospects and widen their choice for clients and from different massage establishments

Financial Rewards – Depending on what type of massage that you do the remuneration can be very high. For example those that are going for things like London body to body massage therapy do get very well paid, although this is more of a adult massage and quite erotic in nature and so not something that so many people would be comfortable doing. Having said this owning one’s own business and doing massage in London for example can also pay very well too

Flexibility – Because this is quite a skilled trade and can also be performed from home, it does offer a lot more flexibility that other vocations. One can easily set themselves up with very little running costs and have a good business, providing they are delivering a quality service to their clients of course


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Reasons to go tantric with therapy


There are so many reasons why one would want to book themselves in for a dose of tantric masase therapy as it really does have many feel good properties as well as healing properties. Here we take a look at some of the real benefits of massage therapy on the whole

Time to Relax – Do we give ourselves enough time to relax in general? Many would say that due the ultra fast paced lifestyles that many of us live in that this is not the case. And what better way than a soothing massage

Aches and Pains – We all get them from time to time and some are pretty much living with them full time. Massage offers a way to really help alleviate the problems faced with aches and pains and a professional masseuse or masseur can work wonders with some of the common muscle problems, making them a thing of the past

The Immune System – We all have one and we need it functioning as good as possible and massage can help the immune system to remain string by stimulation of lymph flow through the body which can result in white blood cell changes (which are there to protect the body from bugs, germs and illnesses)

Sexual Problems – Many people these days are raving about tantric massage and it can be a super way to deal with a load of sexual problems that tend to develop with age. This is where a sensual tantric massage in London comes in. Those people that have issues can greatly benefit from the tactile and sensual touch of a qualified tantra practitioner who knows what buttons to push as well as keeping the client relaxed at the same time through a series of breathing techniques.

Here we have looked at only a few of the reasons to try tantric therapy, there are many many other reasons to give tantra a chance!


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