Litter Doesn't Live Here!
Don't Trash My Turf, DON'T LITTER!

The problem of litter in urban areas is an issue that plagues cities both large and small. Widely accepted as a contributing factor in the overall disintegration of neighborhoods and communities and as leading to more serious problems including vandalism, graffiti, illegal dumping and a host of other forms of urban decay, litter is an issue that cannot and should not be ignored.

Every piece of litter contributes to the problem, from the smallest cigarette butt to the largest piece of trash.  There is no such thing as harmless littering.  Litter drives down property values, costs millions of tax dollars to clean up, causes accidents and contributes to an unhealthy living environment.  The solution is simple; lead by example, DON’T LITTER! Use a trash can, keep a litter bag in your car, teach your kids not to litter and encourage your friends & neighbors to support litter prevention and clean-up efforts. 

The DON’T TRASH MY TURF! campaign made possible by a grant from the Colcom Foundation.

New Hotline Established to report sightings of Vehicle Littering in the city of Pittsburgh!

Watch the new Don’t Trash My Turf television commercials.

The new Don’t Trash My Turf! Storefront and Homefront signs have arrived

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View and register for current and upcoming cleanup events through Allegheny CleanWays


The DON’T TRASH MY TURF! campaign is a project of the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) and
and is made possible by a grant from the Colcom Foundation.

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